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How to dress like vintage pin-up models

Vintage pin-up photos always show models looking perfect. The curves, the breasts, the smooth skin, the sexy pose, and the cheeky smile make many women want to dress up, pose and have their picture taken to look like this. Those vintage photo models are so alluring, even so, many years after pin-up art first hit the fashion industry in the 1940s. Men like to hang these pictures on their walls, and women want to dress up and look as beautiful as those models. However, the first question is whether they would look as gorgeous as the actual pin-up models. It’s a fact that women don’t have to be super-hot to get great photos. Here are some clothing tips on how ordinary women dress as vintage pin-up models and take their pictures.

First of all, you need to purchase a corset for yourself. This is the most important element in this photo genre. The corset is the visible or the hidden element in the whole outfit. It accentuates the bust line and minimizes the waist. Even if a woman has an ideal body, wearing the corset is still a good idea, visible or hidden. Either way, it will look good on her body. On the contrary, plus-size girls are better off wearing it as a hidden element as it will tighten their body and make it look better covered with another sexy outfit worn on top. The next thing you need to wear high heels no matter what company you choose. Suppose you notice that vintage pin-up models always wear high heels. High heels look great with lingerie, evening dresses, or bathing suits. High heels shape the calf of the leg in a better shape and are therefore a must if you want to dress like vintage pin-up models. Another important element is the outfit itself. If you’re going to look sexy in an elegant way, you should buy an evening dress. The dress should not be too tight but should elegantly show your shape.

Opera gloves also add elegance, especially if you decide to wear an evening dress. The gloves should be long enough to cover the elbow. They are usually made of satin or lace, looking stylish and matching the dress. The last thing you need is curly or wavy hair. You want to have a vintage look, and that’s why straight hair is a big no-no. No fashionable woman in the 1940s wore their hair straight. Vintage pin-up models always have curly hair, and you should too. You have to be complete to form the classic, vintage impression.

Many girls want to dress up as vintage pin-up models. You have to know the elements you must have to turn yourself into one of the pin-up models and let you take amazing pictures.

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