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A latex model and her role in the evolution of latex fashion

In the past, it was common for people who had a fetish, especially dreaming of becoming a model, of hiding this secret behind closed doors. Recently, however, the fashion industry released collections made of latex materials. Soon after, wearing latex garments seemed to become all the rage.

Latex is a type of rubber but is thinner and shinier. While traditionally rubber was used as protective clothing, popular products were gas masks and boots. Over the years, its use has evolved and is now used for clothing, with high fashion brands joining the bandwagon, immortalizing the latex fashion industry. However, before this happened, latex use was more closely associated with fetish fashion, which was popular among BDSM practitioners. For dramatic appearances, it was also used by couturiers for its “second skin” ability to cling to the body.

If you remember, BDSM, which stands for Bondage, Domination, Sadism, and Masochism, movies always had the model garments made of latex. Even the simple body props seemed to be made of latex. Using these garments during filming didn’t seem to be a problem as the tightness of the latex garment was treated as a kind of sexual bondage, allowing her to perform accordingly. That’s why porn movies always had their actors in sexy latex clothes.

The natural color of latex is translucent, but the most common latex clothing is black and bright colors such as red. It is usually difficult for the model to put on their latex outfit; they typically need an assistant to help them get dressed. This is because latex has strong friction against dry skin. To fix this, stylists forcefully coat the model’s body or spread some lubricant to create a smooth base for the latex to glide over.

Susan Wayland, a popular latex model, once said that modeling in latex fashion was something new, exciting, and interesting in such a way that she became addicted to constantly using the material during photo shoots. If you look at her site, you will see that she is wearing latex clothes in most, if not all, of Susan’s photos. Susan believes that every touch of latex feels more intense, incredibly sexy, and feminine. Because a latex model like Susan Wayland believes in the beauty of latex clothing, more and more women are hesitant to express their interest in wearing this material.

Nowadays, there are many places where you can find latex clothing. However, most of these can be found in adult stores or internet auction sites because of their sexual orientation. There are many types of latex clothing such as corsets, bodysuits, and the like, just like normal clothing styles. Sure, it might not be the fashion you’d want to wear every day, but still, because of the design effort and structural composition that went into the pieces, you’d want to try owning a piece. Keep in mind that this is already considered a fashion statement for most Hollywood women and popular latex models like Susan, as they may have worn a latex bra top, a latex pantsuit, and a latex corset as part of their regular everyday wardrobe.

As a testament to the growing popularity of latex fashion, apart from Susan Wayland’s website, several Hollywood movies showcase the garment’s versatility.

There is no denying that latex clothing will continue to evolve and be accepted as part of the societal norm. Whatever the result, the feminine femininity combined with the fierce sexuality of wearing a latex garment, as exemplified by a latex model, will never disappoint to bring out the best female form.

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